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In his acclaimed Codex Alera novels, #1 New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher has created a fascinating world of elemental magic. Now, as enemies.
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I claimed this hardcover from the BookCrossing meetup in Brookline today.

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I've enjoyed Butcher's "Harry Dresden" series but hadn't dipped into this one - glad to have a chance. Great to see everybody! Later: It was more of a challenge than I'd thought it would be to step into the series at volume 4. It's a wildly-complex high-fantasy world, with the descendants of a lost Roman legion way-cool idea! A variety of humanoid races get along or don't amid complex cultural rules-systems, with ongoing wars keeping everyone busy - and then an unthinkably powerful foe from beyond threatens the entire world I can't say I liked this as much as the Dresden books - the detailed plots and conspiracies and betrayals got a bit wrenching, not to mention the cast of thousands - but it's colorful, intense, and action-packed.

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Battling ancient enemies, forging new alliances, and confronting the corruption within his own land, he became a legendary man of war and leader of men—and the rightful First Lord of Alera. Now, the end of all he fought for is close at hand.

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The brutal, dreaded Vord are on the march, using fear and chaos to turn the Alerans against one another, and forcing those who will not submit to flee to the outer reaches of the realm. Perhaps for the final time, Gaius Octavian and his legions must stand against the enemies of his people. And it will take all his intelligence, ingenuity, and furycraft to save their world from eternal darkness….

In the acclaimed Codex Alera novels, 1 New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher has created a fascinating world in which the people of Alera use their unique bond with the elemental forces of nature for protection.

Captain's Fury Codex Alera Book 4

But when Tavi and his legions guide the Canim to their lands, his worst fears are realized. The dreaded Vord—the enemy of Aleran and Canim alike—have laid waste to the Canim homeland. And the Alerans find themselves trapped alongside their former enemies. Meanwhile, war-torn Alera rebuilds while politicians and nobles vie for power. It will pass. More of my voice, here. You magnificent bastard. Hello friends!

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Feel free to have a little fun with it. Then tag three or more friends to keep it going :. You have my love! I had a revelation. I missed something little, simple, in my fervor. I think this is the first time my mind has been blown.

I stopped and stared at the wall for five minutes and was compelled to grab the other book and reread that passage. I also finished the Maze Runner trilogy! I think the last book was m favorite. I understand that you need to build tension, but not at the expense of intelligence.. I mean, for example…Tavi receives a letter from Isana and forgets to read it? Isana decides the only choice she has is going to a party with all the fucking enemies she has? Probably the stupidest.

Living was a dangerous pastime and often quite painful, but there was also such joy in living, such beauty; things that one would otherwise never see, never experience, never know. The risk of pain and loss was a part of living. It made everything else mean more. Beauty was more pure, more bright; pleasure more full and complete; laughter deeper, more satisfying; and contentment more perfect, more peaceful. She had been focused completely on protecting the boy, on forcing mere survival upon him.

How much more would Tavi had seen and done and learned if she had chosen differently? How much different would her own life have been?

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The past was gone. Nothing could change what had already been.