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Geobotanical prospecting refers to prospecting based on indicator plants like metallophytes and the analysis of vegetation. For example, the Viscaria Mine in.
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Big sagebrush and four-wing saltbush have been used as indicator plants for gold.

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Sagebrush does not directly absorb gold, but rather arsenic and antimony in its twigs and stems, elements linked with Carlin-type gold deposits microscopic particles not recoverable by panning. Similarly, on the Colorado Plateau, juniper and saltbush branch tips concentrate uranium; deep roots enable detection of ore bodies as much as 70 feet below the surface. Updated Landslide Maps of Utah. Liquefaction in the April 15, , M 4.

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What are the roots of geobotany? By Jim Davis. It grows only on the upper Green River Formation. Photo courtesy of Michael Vanden Berg. Indicator Plant Mapping Indicator plant species mark sites that are likely enriched in a particular element or mineral. Plant Appearance and Physiology Plants exhibiting symptoms of toxicity, stunted growth, or a difference in flower or leaf color can also implicate potential mineral deposits. Many semi-natural or even natural habitats are in an unfavourable state of conservation due to succession induced by natural or man-made changes.

We test the long-term effects of different management treatments in the ecological restoration of various habitats, mainly semi-dry, mesic and wet grasslands fens , and we set the conditions for their suitable application. We also compare the effects of indigenous and introduced wild herbivores ungulates and large rodents on the state of mountain ecosystems and plant diversity.

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We evaluate changes after large-scale restorations and monitor the temporal dynamics and vegetation changes in anthropogenic non-forest habitats to estimate future trends in the composition of grassland vegetation. Data processing and transformation into maps through GIS techniques result in an interpretation of observed spatio-temporal changes in vegetation and in the development of predictive models. We deal with ecology of vegetation types that are, e.

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Regarding applied research, we address questions of importance of the natural world management testing various hypothesis concerned to the dynamics of environmental change and complex ecosystem interactions. Department Chemistry Go to institution.

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