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Modernizing the Marine Rifle Squad

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In spring , President Barack Obama 's goal of reducing spending in the Defense Department was led by Secretary Robert Gates in a series of budget cuts which did not result in significant changes in the Corps' budget and programs, cutting only the VH Kestrel and resetting the VXX program. Marines and other American forces began staging in Pakistan and Uzbekistan on the border of Afghanistan as early as October in preparation for Operation Enduring Freedom.

United States Marine Corps

Marines of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit flooded into the Taliban-held town of Garmsir on 29 April , in Helmand Province , in the first major American operation in the region in years. Marines during the Second Battle of Fallujah in November Army's 3rd Infantry Division , spearheaded the invasion of Iraq.

They were given responsibility for the Al Anbar Province , the large desert region to the west of Baghdad. On 1 March , at Camp Lejeune, President Obama announced an accelerated withdrawal, promising all troops out by August The Department of the Navy , led by its Secretary , is the federal government agency which oversees the Marine Corps and the Navy.

The most senior Marine officer is the Commandant , responsible to the Secretary of the Navy for organizing, recruiting, training, and equipping the Marine Corps so that its forces are ready for deployment under the operational command of the Combatant Commanders. Since , the Marine Corps has maintained component headquarters at each of the regional unified combatant commands.

In general, the Marine Corps shares many resources with the other branches of the United States military. However, the Corps has consistently sought to maintain its own identity with regards to mission, funding, and assets, while utilizing the support available from the larger branches. While the Marine Corps has far fewer installations both in the U. They also cross train with other countries. A soldier from the 1st Infantry Regiment provides security for a joint Army-Marine patrol in Rawa in ; note the logo of the 2nd Marine Division on his shoulder sleeve insignia.

United States Marine Corps

The Marine Corps combat capabilities in some ways overlap those of the United States Army , the latter having historically viewed the Corps as encroaching on the Army's capabilities and competing for funding, missions, and renown. The attitude dates back to the founding of the Continental Marines , when General George Washington refused to allow the initial Marine battalions to be drawn from among his Continental Army. Most significantly, in the aftermath of World War II, Army efforts to restructure the American defense establishment included the dissolution of the Corps and the folding of its capabilities into the other services.

Leading this movement were such prominent Army officers as General Dwight D. Doctrinally, Marine Corps' focus is on being expeditionary and independent, and places emphasis on amphibious mobility and combined arms ; these make it a much lighter force than many units of the Army. A larger percentage of the Marine Corps' personnel and assets are in the combat arms infantry , artillery , armor , and close air support than the Army. However, the Army maintains much larger and diverse combat arms infantry, armor, artillery, special operations , ground transport, logistics, while the Marines have a more diverse aviation arm which constitutes a larger percentage of forces , and is usually organic to the MAGTF.

Marines operate as expeditionary units and are completely amphibious. The Marine Corps focus on standardized infantry units with the other arms in support roles as the "Every Marine a rifleman" creed shows. This commitment to standardized units can be seen in the short-lived experiment of the Marine Raiders , which was controversial, while the U. The Marines often leverage the Army's acquisition of ground equipment as well as benefiting from Army research and development resources , training resources, and other support concepts.

The majority of vehicles and weapons are shared with, modified, or inherited from Army programs. Culturally, marines and soldiers share most of the common U. Many marines regard their culture to have a deep warrior tradition, with the ethos that "Every Marine a rifleman" and emphasis on cross-training and combat readiness despite actual job, be it infantry or otherwise.

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One source states marines tend to decentralize and push leadership to lower levels, while fostering initiative to a greater degree. As a result, the Navy and Marine Corps have a close relationship, more so than with other branches of the military. Whitepapers and promotional literature have commonly used the phrase "Navy-Marine Corps Team", [77] [78] or refer to "the Naval Service".

Cooperation between the two services really begins with the training and instruction of Marines. Marine aviators are trained in the Naval Aviation training pipeline and are winged as Naval Aviators. Training alongside each other is viewed as critical, as the Navy provides transport, logistical, and combat support to put Marine units into the fight, for example, the Maritime Prepositioning ships and naval gunfire support.