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Be there to hear all about it and to discuss! Ross on May 20, At some companies we visit things are simply out of control.

Stand Back and Deliver: Accelerating Business Agility

The software development tail wags the business dog. Here are some comments from recent conversations on social media:. Agile software development will never get you to agile business because it does not address operational business knowledge business rules in a direct or innovative fashion. By coding faster and faster many businesses are simply becoming more and more un -agile.

Untold millions of dollars are being sunk into instant legacy. Worse, it may take untold billions of dollars to service that legacy over time. If your current approach is based on user stories and use cases and the like ask yourself these questions:.

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Question 1. Do you address business rules directly in your requirements approach? Or, do you implicitly assume IT will just somehow get them right?! Question 2.

Risky Business: Real Options for Business Agility | Enterprise Agility Europe

What are you doing to ensure governing rules are understandable by business workers and SMEs in the specific way that the business wants them to be interpreted and applied? And what are you doing to coordinate and disseminate this knowledge to line workers in a systematic, repeatable way? Is there a place for agile software development?

Of course. Just not when it comes to basic operational business knowledge business rules. Ross on January 30, You are forced to agree or disagree with the following statement, and defend your answer. What would you say? Empowerment, more than rules, processes or architecture, is key to business agility. My reasoning: Professionals in our field are often quite shortsighted with regard to empowerment. Many simply get it wrong. The real nemesis of business agility is things running amok. Who are we trying to empower, and why?

The BBC is the place to be for professional excellence! Ross on July 18, Business rule solution: Business rules ensure consistency in customer experience and provably on-target results for demonstrating compliance. Business rule solution: A structured business vocabulary provides a foundation on which rules can be directly based.

Business rule solution: An organized approach for managing business rules yields order-of-magnitude improvements in productivity and business agility. Business rule solution: Business rules support highly scalable customization and personalization and provide a structural solution for managing complexity.

2. Build the right team

Business rule solution: Real-time delivery of business rules to knowledge workers creates a seamless, never-ending, self-training environment. Business rule solution: A systematic way of capturing, documenting and managing business rules enables pragmatic knowledge retention. Ross on October 19, Continue Reading 2 Comments.

Ross on June 7, My elevator pitch would comprise the following insights.


Insight 1. Order-of-magnitude improvements in business agility are possible … and proven. Time and time again they report having reduced the cycle time of deploying changes to business rules by an order of magnitude or more. Extensive applied experience exists in the field — such initiatives are not at the bleeding edge. Two things: Some new techniques and vision. Are we to be forever prisoners of legacy? Only if we let ourselves. Insight 2. Not ever.

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A requirements development and design methodology should result in high-quality systems that are inexpensive to maintain and cost-effective to enhance. How well is yours really doing that in that regard? Insight 3. Most of us are frankly already working about as hard as we can. For that you need true business architecture.