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The Fluoride Deception [Christopher Bryson, Theo Colborn] on ditgamalri.gq Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science by Paul Connett Paperback $ That Are Destroying Your Health by Randall Fitzgerald Paperback $ on water fluoridation, you owe it to yourself to read The Fluoride Deception.
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No difference due to the flouride.. After the 'sell out' introduction into our drinking water began yikes It has been shown to cause brittle bones and several other health issues. Isn't it interesting the of people on Bone density medication We used and still use a Propolis Toothpaste which is fabulous!! That's NOT 'silver' it an amalgam that contains Mercury I had a toxic overload of this heavy metal that had to be chelated out of my system after the careful removal of these poison fillings.

We must educate our selves and each other Aloha and Mahalo for sharing. I can now drink my tap water The fact that it is an industrial waste that has killed cattle, should be enough to make people stop buying into the Dental health BS. I stopped drinking fluoridated water 8 years ago. I stopped using toothpaste and mouthwash 3 years ago. And I stopped using deodorant and antiperspirants 5 years ago. Now before you think I'm some stinky geriatric running around the city, I use baking soda and h2O2.

In the last few years, I have become aware that I have a pineal gland. My third eye has opened and I am just so sorry I waited so long to do it.

But even with all that, I am enjoying my golden years in a most remarkable way. Because I also follow an oral H2O2 program, I no longer have any arthritis pain, no more diabetes and no more Avandia, thank goodness , and no more high blood pressure. I would never have thought I would be this healthy at this stage in my life. But I am and I am exceedingly grateful.

Exposing the Fluoride Deception

Due to your example I've decided to stop taking toothpaste and mouthwash. I never thought that mouthwash was dangerous. Thanks for having the courage to speak up. Want to know why Fluoride is safe? Just ask a chemist, and get a real answer, not pseudo bs nonsense. Ok Guest put your money where your mouth is name 10 of these organisations, universities and health groups?

All she is spewing is that she feels healthier and better with less sickness in her life, and of course its all in her head that's where your brain is. I looked after a elderly lady who had never been to the denist in her life and had every single tooth including her wisdom teeth with not one case of decay or fillings and guess what she only brushed her teeth with baking soda and never used toothpaste not by choice but because she was poor And why shouldn't people do their own experiments and research instead of listening to people they don't know? Im guessing some chemist told you this or you are a chemist but guess what chemist don't do experiments they are just taught the government cirriculum.

The placebo effect is strong in the vast majority of the population though that is not to she did not benefit by reducing she surely did not eliminate it Fluoride intake. I think the antiperspirant is the only real beneficial action she took but for Aluminum the form is important rather than Fluoride avoiding Fluoride provides no measurable benefit unless you are consuming over 5mg bioavailable F per day total.

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Bacteria do the job, and I never get much more than a mild musk after days of working and not washing in the heat. Though it should be noted that your genetic composition determines the microbial communities that live on you, and I apparently an predisposed to low odor and my ethnicity shows the same predisposition. The persons age and later health is also genetically mediated.

A large fraction of the population will not be mobile or mentally sharp at 80 no matter what they do. My gf is 80 and believes the same thing she is also a retired graduate level medical professional.

Oh and for the Pineal gland club. A properly functioning Pineal gland should not produce any hallucinations pharmacologically active levels of tryptamines or other undefined compounds exerting similar effects. I would think high Fluoride would "open" it up I. Think about it. India is where the concept is from and Fluoride is super high in most of the region.

Water fluoridation - RationalWiki

Some starving swami fasting is a common spiritual technique drinking normal water in India would have a super high level of endogenous Fluoride. Their Pineal glands would have Fluoroapatite crystals in it as a consequence of drinking water and caloric restriction. Maaaaaaaate, Do you realise how childish you appear with your statement you have made. Your commenting on a post that is six months old and to a poster that is no longer a member of this site.

It is preposterous to medicate people without consent. Fluoride is extremely toxic and is added to water for the sole reason of making profit from industrial toxic waste. There is evidence of fluoride causing osteosarcoma a deadly bone cancer of young males andothe illnesses including osteoporosis, thyroid disease and brain damage.

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When it comes to a public health measure you would at least expect the additive fluoride to be of pharmaceutical grade. But no, it is industrial waste with a bonus of toxic contaminants. This is why I have no respect or use for dentists, public health officials, health bureaucratsand their political masters in government when they promote fluoridation.

How can one believe them on other issues of health? They, and much of the media, don't bother to investigate fluoride's real source and all that is in it. Even when these "authorities" are told the facts it does not seem to sink in. They are either incompetent, dishonest or both. When questioned they try to trivialize the issue.

They don't understand the meaning of "the death of a thousand cuts. An anology: imagine buying a bottle of Aspirins, taking just one and throwing the rest away into polluting thousands of Habitats. Much 'lessor Costs' Educational programs along with 'voluntary neighborhood Dental Clinics located in most cities is far less Costly, and proven elsewhere to be near times more effective!

Fluoridation is contrary to various medical principles -- the Hippocratic oath, the patient's right to refuse medication, modern pharmacology, etc. Dosing everyone in the population with unmeasured amounts of one of the most toxic chemicals known to science is sheer lunacy.

Scare tactics and misinformation should have no place in deciding public health policy.

There are other considerations, like human rights, ethics, and common sense. But of course these matter little to the UK government, especially when it has the backing of Washington and the WHO, which calls fluoride "an essential nutrient" -- the most blatant lie in an enormous tissue of lies. By the way, the one and only cause of tooth decay is sugar, but the government doesn't want to know, nor does it want you to know. The scientific evidence does not support fluoridation.

Fluoride acts topically rather than systemically.

Water fluoridation

Swallowing fluoride to prevent decay is like swallowing sun block to prevent sunburn. Water companies are medicating their customers with florosilicic acid, a known poison, without invidual consent. There is no indemnity for an illegal act!

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Check out a Fox News piece on a prominent Harvard scientist who is a consultant to major toothpast maker accused of covering-up a link between fluoride an bone cancer at - fluoridealert. For me the most telling point in this debate is the level of fluoride in mothers' milk.


If nature intended the new born baby to have fluoride this is where you would expect to find it. It is not there in any significant amount. This also means that a bottle fed baby gets over times the level that nature intended. We don't always know why nature is right but it usually is. She's been at it far longer than we have.